Celebrating our 30th Anniversary through the eyes of our clients. These are their stories:

Organization: Oakville Meals on Wheels 

For more than 40 years, Oakville Meals on Wheels has been a mid-day touchpoint for residents across this quiet suburb of Toronto. 

Started in 1976, the organization’s volunteers have delivered more than 934,000 meals to seniors and those needing assistance. They also provide important well-being checks and social interaction, which not only is a critical service to their clients, but provides peace of mind to family members and friends who may not live close enough to check in on their loved ones regularly.

Today the organization runs with an exceptionally lean staff of just two part-time employees, but relies on more than 70 volunteers who help deliver meals, check in and touch base with residents each day.

As a small organization, the reduced rates for benefits coverage through pooled plans offered by OASSIS is a very attractive feature. In fact, it’s what drew them to partnering with OASSIS. Those reduced rates also help them keep costs in check, which is important for any not-for profit. It’s especially important after Oakville Meals for Wheels split with the Mississauga Halton Local Health Integration Network in 2018. Late last year, they launched a new fundraising campaign to bridge the funding gap caused by the split and are doing well towards reaching their goal of more than $100,000.

On a day-to-day basis, the employees are motivated by seeing the difference their group makes within the Oakville community. The fact that more than 70 of their fellow citizens give their time and effort to deliver meals and visit with those who depend on Meals on Wheels drives inspiration.

OASSIS is proud to partner with a group like Oakville Meals on Wheels, who have selflessly helped those in need of affordable meals and companionship year after year. 

Organization: Leamington & District Half Century Centre

The Leamington & District Half Century Centre caters to those over 50, and has been doing so, ironically, for a half-century. In business for 53 years, the community centre offers activities such as cards, billiards, dancing, darts and weekly lunches, and services such as blood pressure and hearing clinics and Parkinson’s disease support groups.

The half comparisons don’t stop there, as the centre has been a partner for half of OASSIS’ 30 years in business.

Having joined OASSIS in 2005, the centre recognizes that offering benefits plays a major part in its ability to attract new employees. That said, the working environment certainly can’t hurt, as the centre says it’s fuelled by laughter and its employees draw motivation from the positive feedback provided by members everyday.

For example, the centre has received incredibly positive feedback from one of its recent successes. Through funding from several sources, the centre was able to adorn its exterior with a wonderful mural, as well as renovate the washrooms to make them accessible and upgrade the building’s kitchen.

Access is also something that has kept the centre content with its partnership with OASSIS. According to the centre, the most valuable part of the partnership is the flexibility of their plan and their employees’ access to the employee assistance program.

OASSIS is proud to partner with Leamington & District Half Century Centre as they help those entering and enjoying the golden years of their life, and we wish this inspiring organization many more years of success.

Organization: Sojourn House

Built on a culture of welcoming, warmth, support and inclusivity, the Sojourn House highly values the not-for-profit model of OASSIS.

The Sojourn House has been providing support for refugees in Toronto since 1987 and has been a valued partner to OASSIS for more than 20 years.

Because Toronto has some of the highest cost-of-living rates in Canada, the house faces the daily challenge of finding affordable housing for its clients. With an organizational mindset of perseverance, it finds joy and takes pride in the success stories of past clients and the ability to work with brave, resilient and grateful people from around the globe. 

Meaningful work and a positive environment are great for attracting, retaining and motivating employees, as is a benefits plan, according to the organization. The benefits provided are particularly important to their employees with children, providing peace of mind and help when its needed. 

Competitive premiums and quality service when assistance is required has strengthened the relationship with OASSIS the Sojourn House says.

As an organization who helps those new to Canada, the Sojourn House has developed a service model that is renowned around the world. OASSIS is proud to count them among its partners and wishes them many more years of success.

Organization: ALS Society of Alberta

For more than 30 years, the ALS Society of Alberta has been a beacon of support and service in the province to both those living with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and their families. 

As a charitable organization, the Society receives no government funding, something many OASSIS partners can relate to. But even without any government funding, they provide their services free of charge – be it providing support, facilitating provision of care, promoting awareness of ALS, advocating for change or helping to find a cure.

Service is one of the Society’s core values, as they work to serve the needs of those affected by ALS fairly and equally, and continually improve the Society to better help those they work with. 

In fact, it was service that has kept the Society with OASSIS over the years. While initially drawn to OASSIS because it offered a plan that met the needs of their small team, responsiveness and resources offered when managing something as challenging as short-term disability claims has been invaluable.

OASSIS has also been able to offer a quality benefits plan, which the Society says is extremely important in helping them retain high-quality employees who provide much needed help to those affected by this terminal illness.

Dealing with loss on a daily basis can be difficult on the team at the Society, but they remain motivated by their work and helping those touched by ALS and hopefully making a difference in their lives through their core values of respect, caring, accountability, passion, quality of life and, of course, service.

OASSIS is proud to partner with the ALS Society of Alberta and look forward to many more years of supporting them as they do such important work.

Learn more about the ALS Society of Alberta at their website.