Wellness Services

Welcome to the OASSIS Wellness Services!

Our goal is to help our clients achieve a healthy workplace by providing health and wellness programs, resources and support.  The wellness service is a complimentary program for all our clients, managed by Medisys Health Group, a corporate health and wellness organization.

With the OASSIS Wellness Services you can look forward to comprehensive programs that will support and foster employee physical, mental and emotional health, prevent workplace related injuries and illnesses and promote work-life balance.  

To book an in-person workshop led by your Wellness Consultant, please contact Sue Holder, sue@oassisplan.com (888) 233-5580 (we require a minimum 30 days notice before bookings).

Please see the links below for current and past downloadable monthly wellness resources.

Wellness Workshops topics:

Achieving Balance in an Unstable World

What started as a sprint has now turned into a marathon. As the uncertainty and change surrounding Covid-19 continues, self-care strategies may need to shift also. This workshop features information about stress and healthy coping strategies as we adapt and transition to new routines.

Back Fitness

Learn helpful posture, exercise and lifting tips to promote back health.

 Building Resilience     

Stressors are inevitable in life, and resilience helps us to bounce back and thrive. Learn about the stress response and how to build both individual and team resilience in this workshop.

 Fitness & Nutrition Myths    

Does eating late at night cause weight gain? Do abdominal crunches help you lose belly fat? Learn the truth about current and persistent fitness and nutrition myths.

 “Have you heard about”...Nutrition Trends Fact & Fiction   

In this workshop, learn the facts and fallacies about some current nutrition and dieting trends.

 Healthy Eating & Meal Preparation   

Opinions on how and what we should eat seem to change daily. In this workshop, learn the basics of healthy eating and how to set up for meal planning success.

 Healthy Workplace Relationships  

This workshop outlines five components of healthy workplace relationships and strategies to incorporate them into our day-to-day work life.

Introduction to Mindfulness    

This workshop includes a beginner overview on the topic of mindfulness and its benefits, as well as strategies to incorporate this practice into daily life with examples of various types of mindfulness meditations.

Mindful Eating  

Mindful eating is a strategy that will help you get in touch with your eating habits and allow you to savour each bite. Learn how mindfulness can help with grocery shopping, cooking and eating in a way that moves you towards better health.

Sleep Sense  

The need for good sleep hygiene cannot be overstated as sleep affects our ability to function optimally and fight disease. Find out how lack of sleep can affect your health and learn practical tips to help you sleep soundly.

Your Brain on Food - The Connection between Nutrition and Mental Health

This workshop outlines the rising field of Nutritional Psychology, the gut-brain connection and discusses current suggestions for healthy eating that can affect mental health.

Wellness Bulletin

This monthly newsletter covers up-to-date health and wellness information and upcoming events from OASSIS Wellness Services.